Activity Report for AFI Projects

AFI ComplexityActivity 07: Evaluate sublethal and chronic effects of individual and multiple contaminants on algal and benthic macroinvertebrate communities and individual taxaMindy Armstead2018-03-13 (Mandee Wilson)

Reference site water collection and diatom cultures ongoing for mayfly and diatom toxicity testing using high conductivity simulated mine effluents, Mn, and other COCs. Currently evaluating the effects of low levels of manganese and various herbicides on a rainbow trout gill cell line. Abstract accepted at ASBMB regarding RTG cell line toxicity work. Personnel: Mandee Wilson (technician), Chris Waldeck (graduate researcher), Thomas Whitlow (undergraduate volunteer), Emily Hatzel, (undergraduate volunteer), Kinsey Booth (undergraduate volunteer), Shakirah Keith (undergraduate volunteer), Joe Barton (undergraduate volunteer).

AFI ComplexityActivity 09: Use of mesocosms and field studies to examine lotic water column microbial community dynamics, the influence of environmental and toxicological factors on these communities using genomic approaches, and the relationship between microbial...Gary Schultz2018-03-13 (Mandee Wilson)

March 2018 Continue to work on data analysis on manuscript describing the bacterial community core and supercore and ramifications of such in lotic systems and controls on those communities. Continue to collect samples examining bacterial community structure over seasonal scales. Made arrangements to attend annual meeting of Association of Southeastern Biologists in March to present work on bacterial communities in lotic systems. Personnel: Yasamin Sadeghian (undergraduate volunteer working on RII related project)