Activity Report for AFI Projects

AFI ComplexityActivity 09: Use of mesocosms and field studies to examine lotic water column microbial community dynamics, the influence of environmental and toxicological factors on these communities using genomic approaches, and the relationship between microbial...Gary Schultz2017-09-13 (Mandee Wilson)

Progress Report June-Sept 2017 • Continued data analysis and work on manuscript describing the existence of a core bacterial community in lotic systems and controls on that community. • These data will be presented at this month’s ORBCRE meeting • Continued semi-weekly collection of samples examining bacterial community structure over seasonal scales. • Collected samples along salinity gradient in VA to determine fate of lotic bacteria • Performed microcosm experiments to validate the use of microcosms for studies of lotic bacteria o These microcosms did not meet my needs with regard to studying lotic bacteria so I have outlined other protocols to study these communities • Performed experiments to examine how lotic bacterial communities change as they leave soil…