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Susan Hendricks


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    University / College Staff

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    Keeping current in subject matter

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    No (not Hispanic or Latino)

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    Education: Ph.D. (Aquatic Ecology), University of MIchigan; M.A. (Biology), Western Michigan University; B.S. (Botany), University of Michigan. My aquatic science career began as a research biologist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at the Large Lakes Research Station, Grosse Ile, Michigan. I spent the better part of a decade there working as an environmental chemist and aquatic biologist. After completing my doctorate, I did post-doctoral research at the Oak Ridge National Lab (TN) and Stroud Water Research Center (PA). Now I am a senior scientist with the long-term monitoring program on Kentucky Lake. I have been working on Kentucky Lake off and on for the past 28 years. We monitor water chemistry, phytoplankton, primary productivity, and zooplankton every 16 days throughout the year. We also have two buoys and one fixed site instrumented with sensors that continuously measure water temperature, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll a, phycocyanin, CDOM, turbidity, specific conductance, pH, ORP, and meteorological conditions at each site. I am currently working with the long-term and high-resolution monitoring data on Kentucky Lake and its tributaries. My present projects include analyses of Kentucky Lake data bases looking at long-term (multi-decadal) temperature and water quality changes, specifically water temperature, sulfate, secchi disk depth, chlorophyll a, productivity, and turbidity. I also am adjunct faculty at Murray State University. I teach Limnology, Wetland Ecology, Freshwater Biology or any other aquatic courses that are in demand during summer sessions at MSU's Hancock Biological Station on Kentucky. I attended three workshops this year (2016) in algal identification and hydrological processes to update my skills in those areas.

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