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  1. Where do I go for documentation?

    Documentation can be found in HUBzero’s documentation page.

  2. Why is Hispanic / Latino not a racial background choice?

    According to U.S. government guidelines, ethnic heritage and racial background are to be separate, distinct questions and responses. "Ethnic Heritage" defines membership in cultural groups such as...

  3. Group Guidelines & Tips

    Ultimately it is the Admins that decide what the rules are for their group, but if you have been made a manager of a group, here are some suggestions for keeping your group happy:Manager...

  4. What are groups?

    Work together with your colleaguesCreate a group to organize your interactions. Group members can:Post content that only other group members are allowed to seeExport their content to other web...

  5. Earning points in the Questions & Answers forum

    Each question in the forum has its own "market" value, which reflects the level of community interest the question has generated. This is calculated by summing up the weighted number of answers,...

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  1. Aquavit: A HUBzero-based Collaboration Portal for the AFI and SENSE Projects

    04 Apr 2018 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Jack Smith, Justin Chapman

    In order to facilitate collaboration among water researchers in the Appalachian region, a web-based collaboration portal is being developed that is based on the HUBzero™ framework, which...

  2. AFI EPSCOR Group 3 update and overview of current activities May 18, 2017

    03 Apr 2018 | Documents | Contributor(s): Mike Strager

    This presentation was provided during a May 18, 2017 meeting by Mike Strager to the AFI group highlighting activity from Group 3.  The main faculty from WVU for this group include Burns,...


    03 Apr 2018 | Documents | Contributor(s): Jack Smith, Justin Chapman, Mark Lewis, Tony Szwilski

    A distributed cyberinfrastructure (CI) is being built to collect, manage and analyse watershed health data in the Appalachian region (USA), with an early emphasis on the Fourpole Creek watershed...

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