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  1. Libelium Smart Water IoT Vertical Kit

    Collections | 03 Oct 2016 | Posted by Jack Smith

  2. Access Information

    Overview Marshall’s Smart Water lab scale sensor network currently consists of three (3) Plug n Sense Smart Water kits connected to a Libelium Meshlium XTREME gateway. This gateway is...

  3. Libelium IoT Starter Kits (by Cooking Hacks)

    IoT Starter Kits Cooking Hacks has launched the IoT Starter Kits, a fully configurable range of kits. This is a great way to begin in the IoT world using one of the most professional...

  4. Waspmote Smart Water Kit

    The Smart Water model has been conceived to facilitate the remote monitoring of the most relevant parameters related to water quality. With this platform you can measure more than 6 parameters,...